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Your 365 Day Mortgage Rate Forecast (2019 Edition)

Home Buyer Tips | The Cameron Team
Posted by Melanie Cameron on January 03, 2019 in  buying a home
If you plan on buying a home this year, it doesn't make sense to wait! Both mortgage interest rates and home prices are projected to increase significantly throughout 2019. Let's get together to discuss your home buying plans today! Give me a call or check out our website.Get more great tips in our 60-page Buyer and Seller Guides on our website. You can download it here: CameronBroker/REALTOR®Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage (910) 202-2546 office Other infor... read more
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Yes, You Probably Need a Real Estate Agent.

Posted by Melanie Cameron on October 12, 2017 in  Buying a Home  Selling a Home
Can you buy or sell a home without the assistance of a real estate agent? The short answer: yes, you can. You could also tell your significant other that those pants do make them look fat, inform your boss that you will no longer work on Mondays and Fridays, and slap a bear across the face. Those are all things you could do. They are also things you probably shouldn’t do unless you have a very understanding significant other, kind and generous boss, and……Okay, nothing makes slapping a bear a goo... read more
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Wrightsville Beach Oceanfront Condominiums

Posted by Melanie Cameron on February 15, 2018 in  Buying a Home  Selling a Home
People love condos near the beach. A short walk in the salty summer air separates them from the surf and sand. The walk isn’t much of an obstacle, but people really love condos on the beach. There’s a difference between waking up to an absolutely stunning view of the ocean and waking up to a view of the building where people woke up with an absolutely stunning view of the ocean. Wrightsville Beach has no shortage of oceanfront homes and condominiums. Some of which defy the notion that oceanfront proper... read more
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Working with Real Estate Agents

Home Buyer and Home Seller Tips | The Cameron Team
Posted by Melanie Cameron on March 15, 2018 in  buying a home  Selling a Home
Realtor Melanie Cameron explains what to expect when working with real estate agents in North Carolina. When you start working with an agent, expect to receive a copy of the Working with Real Estate Agents disclosure. This form will give a written explanation of the role of the real estate agent as a representative of the buyer and/or seller. Melanie goes a little further to clarify what exactly is meant by "Dual Agency". Let us know if you have any questions!Melanie CameronBroker/REALTOR®Coldwell Banker Sea Co... read more
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Wilmington Communities for New Constructions

Posted by Melanie Cameron on November 20, 2017 in  Buying a Home
As the real estate market enters its slower season, resale homes can be harder to find as homeowners wait until spring or summer to list. When this happens, new construction homes can sometimes be the best option for buyers. Depending upon the community and what builders and floor plans are allowed, buyers can design much of their next home. New construction homes also have the added benefit of builder’s warranties, which cover most materials and workmanship. So if there’s ever a structural issue or def... read more
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