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6 Beautifully Integrated Refrigerators

Elegant Options, Sleek Lines.
Posted by Melanie Cameron on March 30, 2016 in  DIY and Home Design
Do you like a uniform look in your kitchen? Are regular refrigerators an eyesore to you? Do you view them as space-hoggers? If any of these are true to you, you may be interested in integrated refrigerators. We’ve compiled a short list that have been camouflaged, built-in, hidden, etc. for your designing pleasure. View them on our blog - "6 Beautifully Integrated Refrigerators".... read more
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9 Must-Have DIY Patio Projects

Perfecting Your Outdoor Living Space
Posted by Melanie Cameron on March 30, 2016 in  DIY and Home Design
Are you working on creating the perfect outdoor living space? We’ve found 9 DIY projects for your patio that are sure to amp up its style and functionality. Take a look on our main blog and visit the links to access tutorials for each project - "9 Must-Have DIY Patio Projects". Also, see more back yard ideas on our Pinterest board, For the Back Yard.... read more
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Should I Request to See Homes Before Talking to a Lender?

The Best Order for the Start of Your Home Search
Posted by Melanie Cameron on March 30, 2016 in  Buying a Home
You’ve finally reached the point where you feel your personal finances can support a home purchase and you’re anxious to get started on your home search. We know exactly how you feel. We’ve been there ourselves and can practically feel your excitement brimming over! But, wait. Now isn’t the time to be jumping ahead. Like most things, you need to lay strong groundwork before moving forward or you may run into issues down the road. Read more on our main blog - "Should I Request to See Homes Be... read more
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